Why acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been shown to strengthen our body’s resistance to disease and restore the normal function of our internal systems. It is a longstanding means of achieving and maintaining a healthy state of mind and body. In fact, East Asian medicine is the oldest system of medicine on record; it is a time-tested and safe option for wellness and prevention.

How many treatments will I need?

It varies and depends on what you are coming in for. Acupuncture actually works in a cumulative way. Consider each treatment as a “dose.” Each treatment builds upon the prior treatments. For general wellness, you are welcome to come as often as you feel is necessary. However, if the goal is to treat a more chronic condition, a temporary, regular schedule will be necessary to get back on track. Developing a system of maintenance is also an important component to deciding on a treatment frequency. For example, if you are prone to symptomatic flair-ups, you want to schedule appointments so that you come in for a treatment before your symptoms flair. In my experience, many people’s maintenance “sweet spot” is every other week, once monthly, or bimonthly, depending on the condition.
This is a lot of information, but we will work together to find a treatment frequency that works best for you and your lifestyle.

What do I wear to a treatment?

Come wearing comfortable clothes. During the treatment, you will be lying on a treatment table between two sheets, similar to a massage, so for most treatments, you will be undressed to your comfort level.

What does a treatment look like?

During the first appointment, we will spend the first part doing an initial evaluation during which I will take your health history and ask questions about your health and well-being. Chinese medicine views the body as a holistic ecosystem where everything is connected so regardless of what you are coming in for, be prepared to answer questions about your overall health (digestion, sleep patterns, etc.). These questions are designed to inform me how to best approach your treatment. We will then transition into the treatment phase of the session.

What does acupuncture feel like?

Good news! Acupuncture does not hurt. Upon insertion of the pin, a tiny pinch might be felt, but many people do not feel anything at all. After the insertion, it is common to feel a temporary, dull heaviness at the point of insertion. This is a therapeutic sensation. In general, the most common report I receive is a feeling of calm throughout the body. I will be present at the treatment to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Can I use acupuncture in conjunction with western medicine?

Yes! In some cases, acupuncture works very well alone. In other cases, I strongly encourage you to use it in conjunction with western medicine. When used in conjunction with conventional treatments, it often leads to better outcomes. 

Do you take insurance?

Upon request, I can email you an insurance receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. However, I currently do not process insurance claims internally.